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The Stats & Facts on this page are based on the combination of international sources and local information kindly provided by our partner association(s) and/or the ESOMAR Representative(s) in Australia. They were last updated on 10 May 2022. Is any information missing or outdated and are you able to provide us with this information? Please let us know.

Stats & Facts

Insights Industry

    Market research turnover:
    US$ 753 million (ESOMAR's 2021 Global Market Research)
    Position in world ranking:
    4th amongst 24 countries in Asia Pacific
    8th worldwide out of 104 countries (ESOMAR's 2021 Global Market Research)
    Global Market Research – industry report:
    Download the 2021 Global Market Research to find out more about the state, size and composition of the industry in this country as well as the world: gather insight on types of research clients, scope of projects, qual, quant or other methods used, types of projects contracted, and much more.
    Price ranking:
    3rd amongst 15 countries in Asia Pacific
    6th worldwide out of 43 countries
    Price level: 1.7 times, above the global average (ESOMAR's 2021 Global Prices Study)
    Global Prices Study – industry report:
    Download here the 2021 Global Prices Study to understand in detail the prices you can expect to encounter for an array of typical projects in this country as well as in the world.

Economic Indexes

    Ease of doing business:
    Very Easy to make business (81.2 out of 100)
    27th amongst 20th countries in Asia Pacific
    14th worldwide out of 190 countries (2020, World Bank)
    Economic freedom:
    'Mostly free' (77.7 out of 100)
    4th amongst 45 countries in Asia Pacific
    12 worldwide out of 186 countries (2022, Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal)
    Global competitiveness:
    Score: 78.7 out of 100.
    6th most competitive amongst 28 countries in Asia Pacific
    16th worldwide out of 154 countries (2019, World Economic Forum)



    Legal age for buying/drinking alcohol:
    Legal age: On-premise (18*) Off-premise (18*)
    Notes: Regulated at state / territory level. Exceptions may apply if accompanied by a responsible adult.
    Legislation: Capital Territory: Liquor Act 2010  | New South Wales: Liquor Act 2007  | Northern Territory: Liquor Act | Queensland: Liquor Act 1992 | South Australia: Liquor Licensing Act 1997 | Tasmania: Liquor Licensing Act 1990, Sale or Supply of Alcohol to Youths (Police Offences Act 1935) | Victoria: Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 | Western Australia: Liquor Control Act 1988 | (International Alliance for Responsible Drinking)
    Pre-election polling ban:


    Association COVID-19 resources:
    AMSRO: Member resources for Covid-19
    Association industry statements:
    AMSRO: Open letter to Government – COVID-19
    Government support measures:
    Fact sheet Jobkeeper Information for Employers

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