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Rodolphe Barrere

Co-founder & CEO

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300-5420 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal H2T1S1

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English, French, Spanish

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I founded Potloc with Louis Delaoustre as a response to a much-needed revamp to the way consumer research has been conducted up until now, As consumers changed behaviors during the past 2 decades due to globalization, the rise of mobile technologies and interconnectivity, the opportunity to make these changes happen was unique. Potloc was born as a way to advance the methodology, using today's technologies, and placing consumers at the heart of it all. Since we use social networks to deploy our surveys, we have access to insights of a new generation of consumers: Millennials, Gen Z, as well as other demographic and interest groups.

Business Trends, Customer Service, Product & Brand Development, Research methodologies, Technology & Innovation

Advertising & Brand tracking/testing, Communities, panels, focus groups (Qualitative and Quantitative), Organisational strategy & operations, Primary data collection and processing, Social media based research