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Mehdi Najari

Chairman & CEO
Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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No. 77- Khorramshahr St. (apadana) -tehran- Iran
Tehran, Iran
Tehran 1533988414
Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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14 June 1982

Background information

I created TOPLANS to disrupt the market research landscape in IRAN. Considering the TOPLANS’ vision, companies have the ability to quickly make informed decisions that benefit both the business and the customers. Over the last 3 years, TOPLANS has grown from 3 to 70 full time employees and nearly 450 part time interviewers with 6 operation offices across the country of IRAN.

In this capacity, I focus more on developing and leading the execution of TOPLANS’ strategy including strengthening relationships with customers and partners, driving innovation and growth across all markets and ensuring operational excellence across the company.

I found TOPLANS after 5 years at Synovate prior to its acquisition and 2 years in Ipsos after that. I had been the Head of Synovate inside IRAN, where led the business to industry-leading growth by re-aligning all employees on client sales and delivery. I also led the rebuilding of Synovate’s advanced local business development. My successes can be attributed to alignment of the complete organization around a common vision, clarity and passion in communication and empowering others to contribute at their absolute best.

Prior to my role as Head of Synovate IRAN, I held positions as Business Development Manager & Research Manager of Local and global Client Relationships at Synovate. For the 4 years before Synovate be acquired by Ipsos, I was a senior project manager at a local Research company responsible for full service research projects including the creation of business development.