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AMSRO - Association of Market & Social Research Organisations

ESOMAR partner association

Applies the ICC/ESOMAR Code by endorsement

AMRO Secretariat
P.O. Box 658
Glebe, NSW 2037
President – George Zdanowicz
Vice-president: Marc L’Huillier
Treasurer - Sarah Wrigley
Secretary – Simon Wake
Executive Director – Ms Sarah Campbell
Council Members
Code of Ethics used
Market & Social Research Society of Australia/ICC/ESOMAR
Total Membership
Membership fees
Determined by company turnover and nature of business (with field team or non-field).

Membership Qualifications Members:
- must be a proprietary company or a public company or partnership or a sole trader which does not have more than 50% of its equity held by another member of the Association;
- must have at least one senior executive who is a member of the Market & Social Research Society of Australia
- must commit to abide with provisions and rules as shall from time to time be in force in the I.C.C Code of Marketing Research Practice (as adapted by the Market & Social Research Society of Australia), ISO 20252 and industrial agreements ratified by the Association; and
- the Committee is satisfied that the Company's activities, financial procedures and reputation (including any business operations other than market research) are compatible with the integrity, reputation and independence of commercial market research.

Activities AMSRO exists to maximise the long term prosperity of its members, by providing benefits through the sharing of information, and representing the interests of member companies in matters such as:
- Industrial relations
- Lobbying
- Quality Assurance
- Privacy
and through the above activities, assisting in achieving industry development and preferred supplier status for members.